Volunteer Incentive Program

Volunteers are recognized in various ways for their service and commitment to the program:

Presented after every shift

Certificate of Appreciation- Every volunteer will receive a certificate for each training or event. The certificate signifies that you have donated your valuable time and energy in working to support the Lexington-Fayette MRC. MRC T- Shirt. Every volunteer receives a T-shirt. Or two. Or three. There’s a closet full and they need to disappear!
Presented after 6th Shift Presented after 9th shift
(NOT PICTURED)An MRC Polo.  Distinguish yourself from the newbies in the White T-Shirts. Wear a polo.  MRC JACKET(Not Pictured…yet) 

Not rain, not snow, not the pandemic flu…show that nothing will stop the heart of the volunteer with this MRC Jacket.


MRC Challenge Coin-These coins are reserved for the best of the best, those that rise above and take the reins. These coins are given at the discretion of the Unit Leader for service above and beyond.

(MRC coins not pictured- these are for Texas Task Force 1).


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Incentive Program

  1. I’ll take a couple of t-shirts. 🙂 What sizes are available?

  2. We have shirts in sizes up to 4x. They are awarded after each service shift.

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