Volunteer Opportunities

Who can volunteer?

  • Health professionals.
    The Medical Reserve Corps needs practicing or retired Kentucky-licensed health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, respiratory therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, health educators, epidemiologists, paramedics/EMTs and veterinarians, to name a few.
  • Non-health professionals
    The Medical Reserve Corps also needs volunteers for key support roles as in greeters, educators, communications, safety, security, clinic flow direction, registration, interpreters, supply management, pet care and chaplain services.

Where will I be volunteering?

There are many areas for volunteering.

  • Disaster Response Assistance.
    This assignment may take place in special needs or general population hurricane shelters, in mass prophylaxis drive-through dispensing sites, or door-to-door disease investigations as a part of public health teams, for example.
  • Health Promotion
    You may choose to participate in community or health fair screenings, or serve on the mobile medical unit assisting health department staff with outreach clinics.

What are some examples of volunteer activities?

  • Triaging, registering, and assisting people evacuated to general population and/or functional needs shelters
  • Dispensing anti-virals to the population at drive-through or walk through medication stations
  • Administering preventive vaccinations
  • Distributing & collecting consent forms
  • Interpreting for people with limited English ability
  • Directing crowd traffic